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AERO COMMANDER 680 $75,000.00
Posted/updated on: 4/15/2008 1:02:42 AM MST
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Location: Alberta, Canada
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                                               1956 TWIN COMMANDER N3341

                                            GO ANYWHERE, HAUL ANYTHING

Vital Specs:   3800 TTAF Engs: 471 SMOH (Lyc. factory) Props: 12 SNEW

This aircraft is in airworthy condition with: new props, battery, ignition harnesses, all engine major and minor hoses replaced, fuel filler caps replaced (and AD signed off).  New DuPont Emron white paint job, newly re-installed and re-sealed windows.  Old de-ice boots were in poor condition and were removed last year, not yet replaced, however all internal plumbing (hoses, pumps, lines, controls, etc.) have been retained, hose holes in L.E.s capped.  Some minor corrosion underneath lifted corners of rubber on leading edges was carefully removed and clean metal treated with Alodine to prevent corrosion and left unpainted - new owners option.  Interior stripped and ready for new interior and re-upping of full set of (7) seats.  Interior could be finished passenger or cargo, likewise at the discretion of the new owner.

The props are a special item.  They were surplus USAF Beech Twin Bonanza spare parts, but were never flown.  They were acquired under an STC granted for Twin Commanders (STC included w. aircraft).  They were overhauled, mounted, flown, work flawlessly and are absolutely gorgeous with their all matt black surfaces and double 2" yellow military style tips, front and back.   These props alone, if you had to buy them new from Hartzell would set you back 40-$50, 000.  The reason they are important is that the old standard props which came off the aircraft were subject to a 250hr recurring AD which made them a replacement item.  The new props are larger in diameter and, I am told, bite better at low speeds, something which has been demonstrated by taking off a local grass strip at 2200 ASL, with a light load, no wind, not full throttle, not maximum revs, in less than 900 feet - not bad!  And, it has large main tires so flying off gravel/short strips is a breeze.  The twin GSO-480 SUPERCHARGED 340 Horsepower Lycomings are rated to, get this, 27000 feet - the aircraft ceiling (it is equipped with a Scott Oxygen system).  It also has a large passenger compartment door - about 25" wide by 40" high.  Go anywhere, haul anything.   These machines have typically been used throughout the Andes range in South America to lift substantial loads into short gravel mountain strips at 10000 feet and over - yikes!

King Gold Crown avionics suite is in good working condition.

This low-time airframe is in great shape with very little corrosion externally or internally - wings have been fogged and are immaculate - zero corrosion and zero inter-spar/skin corrosion.  According to the records we have, it has never been based on or near saltwater, so that is reflected in the near-pristine condition of the airframe.   Very little damage history.  All airframe ADs signed off serviceable.

Aircraft is maintained in ferriable condition and can be delivered by air to a new owner, anywhere.  It has a useful load of one ton, 2000 lbs, can fly 1500 miles on a fill-up, throttled back to 55% - 165 Knots ground speed.  Not bad at all, and a lot better in fact that a lot of much newer machines.  This is a capable, tough old bird looking for a new nest and, with a little TLC, will give the new owner many more years of reliable service.  You can make money with this aeroplane.

CONTACT:  GERRY KENT, (780) 987-4079,   E-Mail:, Aircraft Location:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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