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1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger "Nassau" for sale $45,000.00
Posted/updated on: 9/7/2008 11:13:38 AM MST
Category: Single Engine Aircraft   Sub-Category: Grumman
Location: Hood River, Oregon
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To make way for a new machine, "Nassau" and I are parting with sweet sorrow after 22 happy years and 2000 hours.

>        3650 TTAF / 1950 SMOH

>        Lycoming 180 hp O-360-A4K

>        Sensenich prop

>        Power Flow tuned exhaust

>        LoPresti Boom Beam landing light

>        King KX155s / KT76A / KR85 / KMA24 / ILS with avionics master switch

>        Garmin 296

>        Century 1 autopilot

>        4-point intercom with music input

>        original green vinyl/fabric interior

>        room for bicycles and cargo with the rear seat down (two can stretch out in sleeping bags back there)

>        black and cream exterior with gold lettering and cardinal accent

>        canopy cover

>        145 mph cruise on 10 gallons per hour

>        950 lb useful load

>        600+ mile range

>        annual due May 2009

>        hangared by one owner since 1986

>        based in Hood River, Oregon



PICTURES (click on pictures for a larger view):
1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger    1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger    1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger    1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger    1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger   
1976 Grumman AA-5B Tiger
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