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PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200 $35,000.00
Posted/updated on: 1/18/2012 9:33:56 AM MST
Category: Single Engine Aircraft   Sub-Category: Piper
Location: Santa Fe, NM.
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KMA 20 Audio Panel
KX 175B nav/com with G/S
KX 170B nav/com
KT 76 Transponder.
Tach 3864
TT 3864
Last Annual done 5-19-2010 TT 3863.
Engine overhauled 7-13-2002 by Mountain View Aeromotive in Alamosa, CO 719-589-9100 WO 6780. with new Lycoming Cylinders. Compressions at last annual 1. 78 2. 77 3. 78 4. 78.
Propeller overhauled 7-14-1992 at tach 1592.81. AD 06-18-15 Eddy current inspection of hub last done 9-30-2008 Tach 3827.
Aircraft has been outside since in New Mexico, We dont have the aircraft logs in a digital format only on paper in the log books. I think the aircraft could get a ferry permit, we would have to inspect the plane and see what it might need to fly. Some Airworthiness directives may have to be done. The left spar was replaced on 12-2008 because of a small crack found in the spar at the side brace mount. The wing was repaired by Beegles aircraft in Greeley, CO 970-353-9200 WO 11004. SB 1161 was done to both wings.

PICTURES (click on pictures for a larger view):
PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200    PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200    PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200    PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200    PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200   
PIPER 1969 PA 28R 200
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